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I work from an Emotionally Focused Therapy (EFT) modality. EFT is a brief, systematic approach that has been studied for decades and is recognized by the American Psychological Association as a scientifically proven form of couples therapy. EFT assumes conflict happens when couples get caught in negative patterns (“the cycle”) where they feel like they are repeating the same fight over and over again without resolution. I will help you identify your cycle by looking beyond surface behaviours to understand the emotions that underlie and drive that behaviour.

EFT provides a clear, 3-stage map for repairing relationships and strengthening your bond. A strong bond translates into greater connection, communication, and intimacy. It also creates greater flexibility so you can take on and solve common everyday problems. I can guide you through the 3 stages of EFT and teach you the tools to become more accessible, responsive, and emotionally engaged with one another.


As an EFT therapist, I can help you by: ​

  • identifying what each of you says and does that contributes to your “cycle”

  • pinpointing strengths and what changes need to happen to achieve a more satisfying relationship 

  • structuring enactments that build trust, safety, and security

  • providing a safe space for both of you to struggle

  • creating new ways to understand and relating to each other 

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